Books I’ve Edited

“Encouraging heart”

Laurel is my editor of choice. She is thorough and has an encouraging heart. She is ethical and knows her stuff. Writing is a lonely job, but Laurel is always responsive and lets me know I have an ally. I used her as a proofreader for my second novel, The House on Seventh Street, and editor for the re-writing of the second edition of My Enemy’s Tears: The Witch of Northampton. She is waiting in the wings for my next two books.

Karen Vorbeck Williams
The House on Seventh Street
My Enemy’s Tears

“Puts an emphasis on writers achieving their goals”

Laurel is rare among editors in that she puts an emphasis on writers achieving their goals. I can¹t say enough about how wonderful and unusual this is. She never seeks to change an author¹s style or vision, or insert her own biases. On top of all that she¹s responsive, reliable, prompt, pleasant, and absolutely, scrupulously honest. She brings a lifetime of learning to her editing. Any writer, new or not-so-new, would benefit from working with her.

K.S.R. Burns
The Paris Effect

Historical Romance

Meara Platt is an Amazon All Star and USA Today best-selling author who writes in the Regency and historical paranormal genres.

myfairlilyMy Fair Lily by Meara Platt (first in the Farthingale series), 2014

Ewan Cameron has to go to London to deal with distasteful family business and falls for bluestocking Lily Farthingale, whose research has put her in danger. Regency romance with complex characters, humor, sex, and suspense.



The Duke I'm Going to Marry by Meara Platt (second in the Farthingale series), 2015

Ian, Duke of Edgeware, has been careful to hide his painful past from the ton, but the wall he's erected around himself tumbles down when Dillie Farthingale takes care of him after he's attacked and badly injured outside her home. Regency romance with complex characters, humor, sex, and suspense. My favorite Meara Platt book so far and an Amazon UK All Star.


RulesforReformingaRakeRules for Reforming a Rake by Meara Platt (third in the Farthingale series), 2015

Gabriel's the black sheep of his family; he's cultivated that image to hide his job as an English spy. Daisy Farthingale is trying to live down a scandal and is determined to make a respectable match. Of course they fall for each other. A Regency romance with complex characters, humor, sex, and suspense.



AMidsummerKisscvrA Midsummer's Kiss by Meara Platt (fourth in the Farthingale series), 2016

Laurel laurel laurel. This was fun to edit because of the heroine's name and because, like most of Meara's books, it made me laugh. Laurel gets herself in a bad spot when her horse injures a new baron, she vows to do anything to make it up to him, and he declares what he wants is for her to marry him. A funny, sexy, Regency romance with a little suspense. 2017 RONE finalist in Historical: 17th Century–Regency.


The Viscount’s Rose by Meara Platt (fifth in the Farthingale series), 2016

At last the story of the oldest Farthingale sister and the first to be married: Rose’s plot to help keep her friend’s brother away from a woman who’s wrong for him spins out of control and throws them together. A funny, sexy Regency romance with a little spying and mystery. An Amazon best-seller in  Regency Historical Romance.



Never Dare a Duke by Meara Platt, a novel in the Duke's Desire box set, 2017

Frances Cameron finds herself required to prove she can work next to a duke who's also a doctor. Great opening scene. A little more serious than most of Platt's work, but still has the fun dialogue.


IfYouKissedMeIf You Kissed Me by Meara Platt, 2015

Regency romance novella, a bonus story in the Farthingale series with another Cameron.




Wish upon a Kiss by Meara Platt, 2016

Regency romance novella in the Once upon a Regency box set. Republished as The May Fair Princess in the Romantic Legends box set.



Historical Fiction

ASecondDanielcvrA Second Daniel by Neal Roberts (first in the In the Den of the English Lion series), 2015

A secretly Jewish barrister suspects a plot against Queen Elizabeth I. Was no. 1 Amazon best-seller in Historical Mystery, Thriller, & Suspense.





My Enemy's Tears by Karen Vorbeck Williams, 2016



Ruby's LettersRuby’s Letters by Maggie Van Well, 2014

A chimney sweep and a general contractor meet while working on an old brownstone and realize that two spirits with unfinished business from the 1800s are still in residence. Contemporary, sexy, paranormal romance.

Out of print.



ParisEffect The Paris Effect by K.S.R. Burns, 2015

Women's contemporary novel about friendship, grief, marriage, personal growth—and Paris. (Originally published as Rules for the Perpetual Diet.)





Soundings: Water Elemental by Janine Donoho, 2015

Selkies, a love triangle, and murder in the Puget Sound.

Out of print.





Devil's PawnThe Devil's Pawn by Marilyn Levinson, 2015

15-year-old Simon's uncle has evil plans for him. YA.

Out of print.