“Thorough and has an encouraging heart”

Laurel is my editor of choice. She is thorough and has an encouraging heart. She is ethical and knows her stuff. Writing is a lonely job, but Laurel is always responsive and lets me know I have an ally. I used her as a proofreader for my second novel, The House on Seventh Street, and editor for the re-writing of the second edition of My Enemy’s Tears: The Witch of Northampton. She is waiting in the wings for my next two books.

Karen Vorbeck Williams
The House on Seventh Street
My Enemy’s Tears

“Making it better without interfering with my voice”

Laurel respects my work and reads it with a view toward the target audience (Regency romance readers) and always with a view to making it better without interfering with my voice. She is prompt and attentive and has a good feel for my style of writing. Becoming a USA Today bestselling author was a team effort, and I am so proud to have Laurel on my team.

Meara Platt
Farthingale Series
Dark Gardens Series

“Puts an emphasis on writers achieving their goals”

Laurel is rare among editors in that she puts an emphasis on writers achieving their goals. I can¹t say enough about how wonderful and unusual this is. She never seeks to change an author¹s style or vision, or insert her own biases. On top of all that she¹s responsive, reliable, prompt, pleasant, and absolutely, scrupulously honest. She brings a lifetime of learning to her editing. Any writer, new or not-so-new, would benefit from working with her.

K. S. R. Burns
The Paris Effect