My Writing

I enjoy the challenge and satisfaction of choosing the perfect words and arranging them as effectively as possible. I love the detective work of research, too.

I’ve been writing since third or fourth grade, and majoring in journalism was the natural thing to do. I’ve used my degree over the years in public relations, technical editing (engineering and environmental), academic journal production, and book editing. I am retired now and spend my time and energy on my own research and writing projects.

I published my first book, Not Till Then Can the World Know: Replacement Companies of the Fourteenth Iowa Infantry in the Trans-Mississippi, in spring 2020.

I also intend to return to creative writing. I wrote a few short stories years ago and have always planned to write more fiction when I had time. Recently I’ve realized it’s now or never, and I’ve started to write a romance novel set in Oregon in 1947. Wild blackberries will be in it. I’ve written two new short stories and had an old one published by the online literary journal Trampset.


I write essays at Medium once in a while. You can see my work (and follow me if you wish) at