Arranging Words as Effectively as Possible

Whether writing or editing, I enjoy the challenge and satisfaction of arranging words as effectively as possible.

Novels I have edited include a USA Today best-seller, an Amazon best-seller, an Amazon All Star, and a 2017 RONE Awards finalist. I have a B.A. in Journalism and more than 40 years of professional writing and editing experience. Before I entered the book publishing field, I worked in public relations, did technical editing, and was production editor of an academic journal. I am semi-retired now and rarely accept work from new clients.

My Editing Philosophy

If you are my client, all I want to do is help you say what you want to say and make you look good. I won’t change your writing style to make it say something the way I would say it. (If I think you might prefer the way I would say it, I’ll suggest it to you and let you decide.)

Speaking of writing style, a common misconception is that there is only one correct way to write something. The more you learn about writing and editing, the more you see the opposite is true. We should all know and follow basic English grammar, but many have learned false rules along the way. Some think it’s wrong to end a sentence with a preposition, for example, but that is often the best way to express something.

I’ll apply a consistent style of capitalizing, punctuating, and listing publications. I prefer The Chicago Manual of Style for books, but I’ve also used The Associated Press Stylebook.

The editor’s lament: No matter what style you use, someone will think it’s wrong.